About Mike Karpenko and TapouT XT

TapouT XT Is Fun and Engaging with Mike Karpenko

Home workouts are a blessing and a curse, and the extreme DVD workout craze that has more people trying to get fit in their living room is probably great for overall health. But when you work out by yourself, at home, you’re only accountable to you, so you need something to keep you focused, on track, and motivated. Find a workout program that has these, and you’ve got the recipe for success. TapouT XT was designed and the videos are led by MMA fighter Mike Karpenko to combine MMA workouts and routines into something nearly anyone can do from home with minimal equipment. Mike and the MMA influence provide the innovation, excitement, and motivation I needed to get into my training and really get ripped.

Some people think that having fun while you get in shape is too good to be true. But the vast majority of the people you meet who are fit and healthy love exercising. It’s not that we’re crazy, it’s that we have found the type of working out that we can enjoy, because if you love it, you’ll keep working out, and that’s the most important thing you need to succeed, whether you’re trying to shed the baby weight or want to tone down for a summer six pack.

Just like with most extreme workout DVDs, the TapouT XT trainer, Mike, leads the exercises while doing them and demonstrating with a class of participants. Unlike the guerilla bootcamp workouts, he doesn’t scream at you like a drill sergeant, but he doesn’t chant at you like some yoga DVDs either. You can feel his enthusiasm and fun-loving attitude pushing you to earn your body with sweat, as he gets deep into the workout and pushes himself too.

The combination of Mike Karpenko ’s attitude in the DVDs and the range of workout styles and intensities makes a huge difference, and kept me excited to try the next workout or the next intensity level. For me, that was the only way I was going to get through three solid months of butt-kicking, intense cardio and MMA workouts. And it will make the difference for thousands of other people at all levels of fitness too. Because if you can stay motivated and keep working out following the schedule, you will get there.

The only other thing you need to know about TapouT XT and the Mike Karpenko program is that it includes everything you need to get started working out today: 12 workout DVDs, a fitness guide, a meal and nutrition guide with 20 days of healthy meals, and the resistance bands you need to add intensity to your workouts. But all this is auxiliary to the most important thing about this admittedly intense workout program; it has the right tone, schedule, and combination of exercises and routines to keep you excited, coming back for more.

One of the latest fitness crazes seem to be MMA-inspired workouts. MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts, think UFC fighting, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. While you may have seen a local MMA gym popping up in your neighborhood offering a mash up of MMA workouts, one of the places you’ll really see an explosion in the MMA fitness craze is in the home fitness segment. There are a number of popular mixed martial arts workouts out there now to choose from like TapouT XT, GSP Rushfit and Bas Rutten. With all of the different workouts available, it’s hard to know which will keep you motivated and which program will give you the best results. Here is a look at the different programs and how they compare to each other.

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